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0 to 100 housekeeping

0 to 100 housekeeping

After a grueling day, we return home and see that everything looks messy and slutty, but it doesn't really take long to sort out the environment, the interesting thing is that we cannot even remember exactly when it happened, because as far as we can remember everything was in order. But did anyone do it on purpose? Obviously not! But there are small and big things in keeping the house tidy that give us more time to enjoy the tidy space of the house.

Electrical appliances are designed to make housework easier. Some of them have unique capabilities, and some have more reliable quality, but overall this diversity makes sense when we can use these features properly. And sometimes we can even discover new ways to make the most of these devices, and all of this is as easy as possible for us to achieve what we like.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most widely used home appliances, which help us to keep our house clean and tidy. Here are some examples of the best help vacuum cleaner we can get from a

Baking soda

Various uses of baking soda have been discussed in various articles, and we all know that baking soda has great power in cleaning the environment. But how can it be used in modern housekeeping?

Carpets or rugs get dirty easily and when they are dirty, they do not smell good and make the environment look very inconspicuous. This issue is more noticeable in small spaces. So housekeeping in smaller homes is not only more important but also needs more help. To have a clean and fragrant carpet, follow this recipe to get the result you want. Spread a tablespoon of baking soda on the carpet and let it rest on the carpet for 10 to 30 minutes

Do not use too much baking soda and try to spread it evenly all over the carpet to form a thin layer of baking soda on the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner and collect all the powder from the carpet. Do not worry about the remaining powder on the carpet, the remaining powder will accumulate with each sweep. Of course, the Bishel vacuum cleaner with its extraordinary suction power ensures that it pulls in even the lint that has accumulated overtime on the carpet

Even cabinets

Some of us need help to keep places that are harder to reach clean. Do not worry, leave the napkin and spray aside and plug in the vacuum cleaner instead, easily removing the dust that is not accessible in cabinets, drawers, seams, and places that are not even accessible with a napkin, as they are more difficult to access. Clean in less time and much easier. And so; we know that the suction power and speed of the Bishel vacuum cleaner is much higher than expected.

Access to impossible locations

Between the keyboard of a computer or laptop is usually the hardest place to clean the dust and even the accumulation of grease, which is more effective in keeping this dust. If you use a strong vacuum cleaner, there is no need to worry. But otherwise, there is still a solution. Use a thin, clean towel and attach it to the top of the vacuum cleaner tube and drag it on the keyboard, in which case all the dust will stick to the towel and be thoroughly cleaned.

vacuum cleaner Due to the observance of international standards and the needs of the consumer, vacuum cleaner has considered this issue and has installed and designed a part inside the vacuum cleaner compartment to place several different heads with different shapes and applications to access remote areas. Make it easier for us.


Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Washing bedding and bedspreads instead; sometimes between two washes, the bed is not as clean as the first day, but it is not so much that it needs to be washed. This is where this iron hero comes into play. Thoroughly clean the vacuum cleaner series and apply it on the sheets and pillows and see that it is clean and tidy like the first day. Of course, you can also use the baking soda method.


If you have a pet, one of the best ways you can ensure that everything is in order is to leave a trace of your pet's hair on the surfaces. It is the use of a vacuum cleaner that cleans all surfaces with high suction power and protects us from using other methods. And of course, keep in mind that the vacuum cleaner uses the filter  HEPA  that has the greatest power in sucking and absorbing very small particles that the eye cannot see, and using this filter can even be said that in a way It also purifies the air. And even for larger environments, the BL-VC-2040 vacuum cleaner with very high suction power and larger tank volume can be the best helper in daily affairs.

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