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ماشین لباسشویی BL-WM-12082

ماشین لباسشویی BL-WM-12082


Dimensions: 85 * 60 * 60 (cm)

Color: white / titanium


Has a high speed and vibration prevention system when the engine is running

Ability to control the temperature and washing time

When washing clothes in a hurry, use a program that washes and dries faster. In many washing machines, the quick wash time is 15 minutes; But in some cases it can take up to 30 minutes at a time.

Pre-wash system for preparing clothes for washing.

Delay End Allows you to set the washing machine to finish the wash automatically later than usual. This delay can be between 1 and 24 hours (increasing from 1 hour to 1 hour). The indicated clock is the end time of the wash.

Adjusting the water temperature according to the fabric and texture of the fabric to prevent damage to the clothes and adjusting the amount of water according to the volume of the clothes in the washing machine

Simplify the user system for easy use

The washing machine is equipped with a child locking system to prevent possible accidents.

Avoid overuse of detergents for less damage to the fabric

Equipped with echo wash system

(Economic washing) For clothes such as shirts and underwear, clothes are washed with cold water by this technology. First, cold water increases the life of clothes and secondly, cold water reduces energy consumption.

After complete washing, rotate the water inside the machine to prevent detergent from remaining

For easy work with the washing machine and to know the general condition of the washing machine, a digital LED display is installed on the washing machine.

Anti-cracking system in fabric

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