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What is the correct way to freezing food?

Freezing food is one of the most important issues in life in today's fast-paced world of machines.

Lifestyle has changed very rapidly in recent years, and time is a very important factor in doing all the daily chores. Any activity that is done normally will have a higher value if it takes less time.

To achieve the same quality level of daily work, we see competition between various tricks to increase the quality and speed of work, for example, cooking in 10 minutes or cleaning your home with only 2 tasks and headlines such as it was mentioned. In fact, living this way of life is very difficult, but there is no solution, so to get through this situation better, we must consider simple but practical solutions to do important things. Taking care of Nutrition, for example, is one of the most important things that can be done in this situation.

Freezing food

Freezing food seems like a very simple task, but, if it does not do on principles, can waste all the time and energy spent on doing it, so here are a few important tips about freezing food.

Freeze carrots

Grinding carrots in raw form causes the carrot texture to become spongy and lose its original taste after freezing. It is better to wash, peel and chop the carrots the way you want to eat them, and then fry them a little, and then Freeze it so that the cells that make up the carrot do not deform due to freezing. If you do not have the opportunity to do so, fry it after defrosting the carrot so that you do not notice the change in the state of the carrot and the sponge state created for it.

فریز کردن مواد غذایی

Freezing food


Frozen broccoli

Chop the broccoli plant into smaller pieces, bring some water to boiling temperature and pour in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes, then immediately pour in ice water (zero degrees) and then freeze in a freezer bag if Your freezer has the ability to freeze quickly. You can ensure the health of your food.

Frozen onions

Freezing onions can be done both raw and cooked, but cooked onions will be better in terms of taste, so chop and fry the onion and remove the excess oil and pour in the freezer bag in Keep in mind that the material of the bag you choose should be a little thicker so that bacteria do not enter the material from the outside, because onions have a great ability to absorb the bacteria around them.


Edible proteins such as meat, and fish

And of course the most important foods that are usually stored in the freezer are protein that are frozen in raw form. The main thing is to wash them thoroughly and take the skin and its extra layers, and of course, keep in mind that the water absorbs it well and dries it, and empties the extra air in the bag in its packaging.

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A few other important points

فریز کردن مواد غذایی

Freezing food

  • • In the case of food that is pre-cooked and frozen, keep in mind that its temperature must be the same as the ambient temperature because it can cause food to freeze, which will damage both the food and eventually the freezer motor.
  • • If you freeze food twice, be sure to expose the material to heat once and freeze again. Because defrosting at room temperature provides an opportunity for environmental bacteria to attack food, and of course, re-cooking food takes away the opportunity for bacteria to grow.
  • • Keep the freezer space full so that there is less air flow and therefore less energy is consumed. If there is a lot of empty space in your freezer, you can use less consuming materials such as bread to fill the refrigerator.
  • • Use proper packaging for food and keep in mind that the more regular the arrangement of materials in the container or package and the less air there is in it, the longer the food stays and the higher the quality, for Better access When using frozen ingredients, use a marker to mark so you can distinguish between pre-cooked and raw food.
    Note that lettuce, due to its very thin texture and high hydration properties, loses its texture when frozen and becomes out of its normal state and can no longer be used.


  • • If you have the opportunity, pack the ingredients of a simple food in a package, for example, chop the pasta ingredients and ready to cook. Mushrooms, onions, minced meat, grated tomatoes and other things to consider. You have. This way you have more opportunity to cook your favorite food.

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