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Washing Machine Encyclopedia

The washing programs in washing machines are determined according to international standards and agreements between manufacturers. Therefore, it does not matter which factory or brand your washing machine is produced from, even Iranian or other countries products. The only difference is in the power of performing these programs and the variety of washing programs.

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Manufacturer solution

By using the facilities available in the washing machine, we can meet our needs to achieve exactly the purpose of washing clothes which we had in our minds. For example:

  • If the fabric is more wrinkled than normal, you can do the washing by turning the motor down.
  • Washing with cold water is used to prevent woolen clothes from loosening.
  • To prevent dark clothes from turning white, they have increased the water pressure so that the detergent is properly removed from the clothes and does not cause them to turn white.

So keep in mind that using one type of washing machine program which we are accustomed, will limit us in using these various features and waste the money we have paid. Therefore, having information about the uses of these facilities will not only contribute to our optimal use but will also be effective in our satisfaction with the quality of consumption.

دانشنامه ماشین‌لباسشویی

Washing Machine Encyclopedia

In this article, we will look at some of the most commonly used programs in the washing machine.


Clothes made of satin, silk, and cloths like those, are very dangerous to wash; because they are made of very delicate texture, which also makes them soft and special. But if they are washed at low temperatures and low engine speeds, they are much less likely to be damaged. When you set the washing machine to DELICATE mode, the engine speed will be much slower and the inlet water temperature will be much lower, in this case, you can be sure that your clothes will come out of the washing machine like the first day. But be careful not to wash these clothes in the washing machine with clothes that have greasy or oily stains. And of course, be sure to use laundry detergent to extend the life of these clothes.


When we do not have a good time washing the clothes and of course the clothes we want to wash do not need so much washing and we only wear them once or twice and we want them to smell good, we can use this option, which is usually between 15 to 30 Minutes set. Although, note that never wash sensitive clothes that need special washing with this program.


In some washing machines, these two options are separated from each other, such as the Bishel washing machine, which has these two programs separately, and it comes in color variety, silver, and whitewashing machine, and in terms of volume, the 8 Kg and 10 kg Bishel washing machine has a wider range of choices for your dear ones. COTTON program usually has a higher water temperature than the  SYNTHETIC will be lower SYNTHETIC  while the temperature in the COTTON  between 35 and 40 ° C and even lower than the COTTON. Linen T-shirts, cotton clothes, and even towels can be washed with this program without damaging the fabric..


دانشنامه ماشین‌لباسشویی

Washing Machine Encyclopedia

In the past, using a washing machine to wash yarn and woolen clothes was a mistake because the machine was set up in such a way that it could not be correctly washed, but today there is a special program for washing these items that can be done without damage at lower temperatures and lower speeds.

Silent wash

You can use this washing program when you need the laundry to work without any noise, such as at night when it is time for family members to rest. In this case, all operations are performed slowly so as not to disturb your peace The Bishel washing machine bishel In mode silent wash operates in silent mode in the quietest possible mode and has a very high motor power to be able to provide the best facilities.

Be careful not to use this mode to wash delicate and delicate clothes.

Soft & heavy

If you are unsure of the fabric you are going to wash and only know that it is thicker than the rest; Like curtain fabric, quilts, etc., you can use heavy  washing mode, in this case, the fabric will not be damaged and the washing will be done completely. Of course, be sure to choose heavier fabrics according to the capacity of your washing machine

For example, an 8 kg washing machine has a different capacity than a washing machine of 10 kg and more, and just because the volume of the clothes fits in the washing machine, you should not put more than the capacity of the washing machine in it, because not only the washing does not work well, but The engine of the device is also damaged. The same is true for clothes with finer fabrics, and if you are not sure about soft fabrics, you can use the soft  wash mode.

Sanitize application in Bishel washing machine 

Difference makes good sense when it plays a part in our lives. Bishel washing machine has well studied the needs of consumers and tries to meet this need as much as possible. An example of this is the installation of a sanitize program in the Bishel washing machine, which few washing machines have. Given the current state of disinfection, it is one of the daily activities of all of us, but having professional help in this field can relieve you of most of the daily burden

program sanitizer uses the latest technology and with the highest level of standard, ensures that the clothes or fabrics that you want to be cleaned of germs and possible contaminants are washed and provided to you in the best way. This operation is performed by increasing the temperature and rotation speed of the motor to the extent that it does not damage the fabric texture.

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