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Bishel fan


پنکه بیشل

Bishel fan

We have reached the summer season and its unbearable heat, and in this season, keeping the ambient temperature balanced is one of the most important challenges. But is this balance maintained uniformly across all climates?

In Iran, due to the different climates and climatic variations, the use of cooling systems is not the same everywhere, and when buying these appliances, it should be noted that the capabilities of this device are commensurate with the needs or not? So we have to consider the climate of our place of residence in choosing the cooling device that we provide. There are many types of coolers; Fans, coolers, chillers, gas coolers, splits, etc.

If you live in a hot and humid environment with high humidity, water coolers are not a good choice because not only does it increase the humidity of the environment, but also reduces its cooling power

In order to be able to enjoy and make the most of what we have prepared, we must pay attention to the important points that exist when buying. Let's look at these points together.

Fan size

The usage of the fan is effective on choosing its size. The size of the room we need, the temperature of the environment are important so that we can make a better decision whether it is better to provide a ceiling fan or a wall, standing or desktop. Choosing a fan as a cooling system is a smart job The reason it is simple, light and small is more economical and safer and they are easily available.

The size of the fan is effective in consuming electricity due to its small size compared to water and gas coolers, it consumes much less electricity. On average between 50 and 55 watts. If you use bishel fans, you can be sure that the whole system used in this device is adjusted to optimize energy consumption.

The fan may not be suitable for cooling large spaces, but you can place the fan near the window early in the morning and at night when the air is cooler so that cool air can flow in and the rotation of the air cools the environment. Bishel standing fan with the ability to adjust the size and height to fit the fan with the environment in which it is placed, can create a special harmony with its surroundings.

Easy to move

Another advantage of using a fan is that it is light and small, which makes it easy to move the fan from one room to another. The ability to disassemble and reassemble the Bishel standing fan, code BL-SF-016 و BL-SF-017 models makes it very easy to transport the fan.

پنکه بیشل

Bishel fan

Choose according to the environment

The great variety in the design and color of the fan size, leaves us free to choose the fan that fits the decoration of our surroundings. If you have a smaller environment that does not require much power to cool. The fan can be a better choice. Of course, the ability to blow wind on the Bishel standing fan has reduced this limitation, and in fact, you can use the Bishel fan to cool the environment in larger areas. The Bishel fan is equipped with a remote control to adjust the amount of wind and even the direction of the wind, by which you can control the fan remotely in larger environments. The ability to rotate at all angles ensures that the airflow does not remain constant anywhere.

The amount of air moved by the fan is based on cubic meters per minute. Fans with metal blades have more capability than other plastic blades, and of course the Bishel standing fan with 7 stainless steel blades is much more capable of throwing wind and covers a larger area.

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Home is a place of relaxation and the workplace is a place of concentration, in both cases extra noise can disturb our peace. So when buying a fan, be careful to choose a fan that makes the least noise, because in the long run this sound can disturb our peace. For example, the Bishel standing fan is equipped with a vibration prevention system and has a fixed base, and these features alleviate our worries about extra noise. Of course, having a lot of engine power makes a small amount of noise, but not to the extent that it disturbs your peace of mind.

Finally, choosing a fan for the main cooling system requires a lot of attention when buying.

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